On Puppy Training Program:

Lee & Jasper

Thank you so much for your well-run and informative session. We all had a great feeling afterwards.

On Our Online Puppy Program:

Taralyn & Sweet Pea

I learned so much and I’m happy to be able to refer to the recordings and videos. I took puppy training years ago with another pup and I believe I had started with Goober too but never learned all of what you taught! So I’m thankful for that!

On Our Online Puppy Program:

Lana & Penny

Thanks so much for the wonderful class it was really informative and helpful, and fun.

On Private In-Home Training

Izzy & Family

It's amazing what one private in-home dog training session with you has done for our family and Izzy! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and listen to our concerns and then teach us how to train Izzy so that she behaves better and barks less. We had a very peaceful morning today where she hardly barked at all at the cats. We also did some of your amazing brain games before we left the house so she was tired out and less anxious about us leaving. Again, thank you for bringing your skills to our family. Izzy is happier and calmer and so are we. We're looking forward to our next class.

On Our Online Puppy Program:

Lisa & Astra

I can vouch for and highly recommend Kyla and Easy Breezy! I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed and got more out of the online training than I did with in-person training at another facility. Also the pack walks and playdates are AMAZING!! Basically like a small group private lesson but in a walking or playing situation - I've learned so much from them!

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Head Trainer

Kyla Denault

Kyla Denault is the owner and head trainer of Easy Breezy Dog Training and the Founder of Enriched Dog. Having fun while training is important for Kyla! She has over 15yrs of experience owning a cage-free dog kennel and dog training. Kyla likes to keep things simple and set everyone up for success!